About Me

I started my downward trend into financial ruin when I decided to fund my college education, including living expenses, with student loans. I graduated from Penn State with about $60,000 in student loans and a little bit in credit card debt. Fast forward a year, I had a job that paid crap but I lived like I was making bank. Scoot forward to today and I have a car loan, student loans, and credit card debt totalling $106,000. My life had finally hit the crapper.

I began my climb out to financial freedom in January 2010.  I wrote down my goals for each month and for the year. My goal is to be completely debt free by January 2013.  Subcribe to my blog and see how I do and hopefully you can learn a few things from along the way.

I am 28 years old and live outside of San Francisco, CA. I grew up on the East Coast and moved out to California about five years ago. I enjoy being outdoors, sailing on the Bay, cooking for my girlfriend Natalie, playing soocer and football. I read as much as I can and watch a lot of movies.